Alta Murgia National Park

The ALTA MURGIA National Park (AMNP) is an Independent Institution established through the Decree of the President of Italian Republic (D.P.R. 10 March 2004 -Decree establishing Alta Murgia National Park”). The Park administration has been involved and has coordinated many projects: Renovation of the Masseria S. Mauro converted in environmental education centre; Restoration of Torre Pagliaia and Casina Ruta (Ruvo di Puglia); Promoting sustainable tourism in the AMNP; "Grastep" protection of the ravines and steppe habitat: taking action to protect bio-diversity in protected areas in Apulia; Regenerating vegetation and environmental aspects in order to create a Suburban Forest Park in the municipality of Altamura and Bari; Re-population programme of little bustards (Tetrax tetrax) in the AMNP; Environment & Natural Science education, fire prevention and training. [email protected]