Kick-off meeting

The opening meeting of the Alta Murgia LIFE Project was held on December 3, 2013 at 4 pm at the head office of the Alta Murgia National Park in Gravina in Puglia (BA).

At kick off meeting attended by all managers and employees of the four partner institutions and many participants. Among them were scientists, agronomists and foresters, teachers and many students of lyceum of the municipalities within the Park. The objective of the meeting was to focus on the Project “LIFE Alta Murgia” and its contents : objectives, planned activities, partnerships.

The Director of the Park has introduced the heads of the organizations that have shown their activities. Subsequently, the project coordinator , Dr. M. Vurro , dedicated a brief introduction to the LIFE program with its objectives and components while a larger space was dedicated to content of the project and invasive alien species. An extensive discussion was dedicated to Ailanthus altissima and its negative impact on natural and urban areas.

Furthermore, it was given the reference of the website dedicated to the project and was presented in the questionnaire for the reporting of the species on private property in the Park .

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