Seminar on Ailanthus altissima Control Techniques
A seminar on Ailanthus control tecniques will be held at Masseria Torre di Nebbia in Corato (Ba) on 17 February, 2015. The seminar will be follow by a pratical demostration and a guided tour of a treated area
Purchase of equipment
The purchase of all materials necessary for the project activities is ongoing
Eradication action plan draft
The Eradication action plan has been completed. The document comprises all the information about the strategy to control ailanthus
Project Monitor visit
Visit of the project Monitor to the Alta Murgia National Park and meeting with partners
Kick-off meeting
Kick-off meeting on Alta Murgia Life Project took place at the Alta Murgia National Park office
Dissemination material
First brochure dedicated to the project and the questionnaire have been printed